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Being the creative source of music, Iris Tan is Malaysia’s leading music composer who work with the top industry experts and have wide experience and composing original and breathtaking music piece.


We offer complete music production services from original music composition, arranging, mixing, editing, mastering & sound design to all size of projects and businesses.


We help our client to reharmonize and rearranging their music tunes according to their choice of instrumentation, difficulty level and key to make it sounds its best.


We create music jingles, theme songs and sound tracks for TV commercials, online promotional videos, online Ad, trade shows, marketing campaigns and all sorts of commercial use.


We offer background music for all types of projects including music videos, video games, webinars, tutorials, audio products etc. We help you to embed background music into your video to create an impressive final presentation.


Are you looking for the next catchy yet memorable music jingles for your personal or business projects? We cater personalised music jingle creation services to all sizes of projects at a reasonable price.

We are here to help! Call us at +6012-6717701 or drop us an online enquiry today!

Great Service

“Iris has been amazing in delivering her work on time and the quality is superb. She managed to offer valuable insights when my partner and I were trying to come up with ideas to create memorable jingles for our business. Would be a pleasure to work with her again.”

Rick Yong

Amazing Results

“It’s a pleasant experience working with Iris as she is very attentive to details and has a great talent in composing original music which suits my project.”

Alan Yap

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