For Singers/ Songwriters/ Solo Artists:

Whether you need original music composed for a demo or you are seeking for a complete music production solution for any type of release, offers full package services to suit your budget and needs.

Regardless of your musical style of desired type of instrumentation, we have the professional team in place to assist the whole music composition process.

For Businesses & Corporations:

We cater to all sizes of businesses range from small to multinational corporations.. Whether your website or business requires unique music to complement your video for marketing purposes, or you have a product launch coming up which needs original music to impress your prospect, or you simply need a music piece for any of your projects. We are here to help and bring your ideal masterpiece to life.

Music styles

We can create various range of music styles including but not limited to

  • Classical
  • R&B
  • Dance/ Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Orchestral Music
  • Music Jingles etc…

If you wish, the finished piece can be provided in hard copy or in any file format, can be emailed or sent via traditional mailing method.

We are here to help! Call us at +6012-6717701 or drop us an online enquiry today!

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