Music arranging is basically the art of adapting and preparing the already written composition so as to present it in a form other than its original one. The arrangement may entail paraphrasing, reharmonization and development such that it completely represents the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structure.
Whether you are a music group, pro musician, film producer, TV program producer, songwriter, large production company, record label or a keen amateur, we are here to create quality arrangements and orchestrations in any style for your music.

Iris Tan is a leading and experienced music arranger in Malaysia who has written and produced dozens of music arrangement for TV shows, music videos, music albums and movies. Her music arranging skill is second to none, and always provide appropriate targeted arrangement which leads to a brilliant piece of music.

Iris Tan’s music arrangement services allow you to choose your own instrumentation, difficulty level and key.

If you wish, the finished piece can be provided in hard copy or in any file format, can be emailed or sent via traditional mailing method.

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