Music is a pertinent part of a successful TV advertising. It sets the tone, the mood and the theme right from the start of an advertisement.

The right song not only conveys the message or novelty of a product or service effectively to the customer, it could literally capture customers’ attention in seconds and “sell” the product”

Whether you are after an upbeat, uplifting, happy, fun, playful, hip hop, cinematic song or you are seeking for a more corporate like, classical, soothing and calming song to feature your latest TV commercial, we can help you with your special needs.

Iris Tan Music Production specializing in creating original and captivating soundtracks and music jingles for clients. With years of experiences across different industries from TV commercial, TV shows, movies, music albums, musical shows etc, Iris Tan has the special ability to always transform an ordinary song to a masterpiece.

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If you wish, the finished piece can be provided in hard copy or in any file format, can be emailed or sent via traditional mailing method.

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