Audio editing is a service where our engineers fine-tune the timing of recorded parts, or rearrange songs or reduce background noises or even re-use perfected sections of a track to ensure the quality of final presentation is exceptional and outstanding.
We improve the sound of your song, podcast or other presentations with audio auditing and enhancing

Our audio editing services include but not limited to the following areas:

  • Eliminate unwanted words and sounds such as phone ringing, keyboard typing, breathing noises, uhs, uhms, beeps, thumps, hums and other noises
  • Remove any unwanted silence, long pauses or distracting sounds which you don’t want in the final product
  • Rearrange the song sections, have certain parts repeated or adding extra sections
  • Adjust the volume levels so they are easier and clearer to hear
  • Have your introduction and closing polished to a professional level by adding low background music or fade-in/fade out
  • Changing the length of an audio or a song

Our audio editing services are perfect for various types of audio recording projects:

  • Podcast– Before you have your podcast published officially for the world to hear, let us get all the issues fixed and enhance the sound quality of it
  • Recorded interviews– It is understandable that we all get nervous sometimes and that comes through in the recording. We are here to help your recording to sound as smooth as possible
  • Audio Books– Whether it is a digital products that will be downloaded online or physical CD or DVD, we can help you sound better
  • Live training/ sales presentations– If you would like your recorded live training or presentations refurbished into a way which is presentable and is easier for people who listens to the replay
  • Webinars/Teleseminars/ recordings– If you have recordings or audios need to sound high end with minor amendments, we are here to help.

If you wish, the finished piece can be provided in hard copy or in any file format, can be emailed or sent via traditional mailing method.

We are here to help! Call us at +6012-6717701 or drop us an online enquiry today!

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