Sound Design Malaysia | Custom Made Music Production
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Sound Design


The mood of any films, movies, videos or TV ads often set by the audio. By enhancing the audio, the impact of the picture can be impact dramatically and brings everything into live.

Since sound is often perceived as an intangible and abstract area of expertise, we pride ourselves in the area of helping our clients to bridge the gap and better comprehend how sound can be escalated to the next level for an impressive final presentation.

By manipulating certain audio elements using our sounds effects only exclusive to our music library, and adding extra voices and original music scores could help to create auditory effect desired.


We offer full range sound design solutions including but not limited to:

Sound design services include:

  • Voice-overs
  • Special effects sound editing
  • Sound “sweetening”
  • Recording
  • Dialogue clean ups
  • Track Laying & Sound Design
  • TV Ad Jingles
  • Animation
  • Video games, Online games
  • Television series
  • Theatre
  • Short films
  • Movies
  • Documentaris
  • Live events

Our original music services include:

  • Lyrics
  • Songwriting
  • Original song composition
  • Original background score
  • Music mixing


Do you need that last refining touch for your audio?

Do you want to impress clients with your video’s high level of professionalism?

Let Iris Tan Music Production help you to design the sound on your next project.