Car Commercial Music Malaysia | Custom Made Music Production
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Car Commercial Music



 Personalised music production services for all types of automobile TV commercial Ads, online videos.

Very often we will notice that a successful car commercial often accompanied with an attractive song or jingle. Without incorporating a cool song or engine sound featuring the incredible functionality of the automobile, a video is only a composition of boring scenes.

A catchy and memorable music can do more than just impressing the audiences. People can often recall the music better and hence remembering what is it the whole car commercial about.


Iris Tan Music Production strives to offer excellent automobile commercial music, which is second to none. Whether your goal is to have a whole new original sound track to feature your latest car product or you just need a few music scores or jingles to make your ad stand out from the crowd, you are here at the right place.

We offer complete music production solution to all size of projects and we personalize our services to fulfill clients’ needs and expectations.

Need some professional music assistance to bring your upcoming project to the next level? Call us at +6012-6717701 or drop us an online enquiry today!